Unlocking at level 55, 1 on 1 is a PvP game mode where players set up three teams of up to five girls in a defense and offense array. With five free challenge attempts, players use their offensive array to attack another player's defensive array. More attempts can be purchased with 50 diamonds.

During a challenge, the first player to win 2 out of 3 matches is declared the winner. Match is won when all enemy battle girls are defeated, the side with the most battle girls when time runs out, or when the side that dealt the most damage when time runs out and both sides have equal number of girls standing.

Current RulesEdit

  1. Reward of 1 on 1 will be issued at every Sunday 22:00 pm (GMT +8) via mail. The score will not be reset after reward issued.
  2. Battle in 1 on 1 will be automatic, players don't need to control.
  3. In 1 on 1, all battle girls' HP and healing effect will adjust with the same level.
  4. Player must prepare 3 defense teams, which can be adjusted anytime, every team must contain 1 battle girl.
  5. 3 battles in total, First player first win 2 battles will be winner.
  6. You need to defeat all enemies.
  7. When time is out, who has more living battle girls will be winner.
  8. With the same number of battle girls remained when time is up, who create higher damage will be winner.
  9. With the same damage, defender wins.
  10. If offensive player wins, then gain certain amount scores; defensive player will lose scores.
  11. Challenge and defeat players with higher scores, you will earn more scores.
  12. Challenge and fail, your scores will remain the same.
  13. 5 free times daily for every player; Times will be reset at daily 5:00 am; Extra 1 on 1 coins reward will be issued by first 10 challenges daily.
  14. 10 minutes battle CD time when you finish a challenge.
  15. Every player can hide 2nd and 3rd teams, players with more than 2000 scores can hide all 3 teams.
  16. 22:00 pm to the next day 8:00 am, 1 on 1 isn't available.
  17. Revenge and defeat enemy, then he will disappear from your list.
  18. Challenger will gain no scores if opponent's scores is 2450 less than challenger.

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