Ada - Coding... Coding... Coding...


Front magic battle girl with power to slay enemy rapidly.






Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange

Formula Check


Ada starts to check her programs. During checking, Ada gets Physical Characters while taking physical damage, and Magical Characters while taking magical damage; is immune to controlling skills and reduces 40% incoming damage. After checking, Ada will attack nearby enemies with massive magical damage and extra effects, based on the amount and kinds of the characters she has received. If Physical Characters are more than Magical ones, Ada slows enemies' move speed; if more Magical Characters, Ada silences enemies.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase damage by [18 x LV]. Accuracy of extra effects increases per level; never fails to hit enemies with level. [LV] and below.

EFFECT: Slow or Silence.



Ada makes a program to attack the frontmost enemy. If the target's current percentage of MP is less than it of HP, damage to her will be the target's maximum HP and discrepancy between target's current MP percentage & current HP percentage (up to 50% of target's maximum HP), or Ada will deal moderate damage otherwise.

Damage up to [330 x LV].


Untouchable Sword


Ada makes an untouchable weapon to attack enemies in front. The first attack reduces enemies' magical resist, while the second does bonus magic damage to enemies under magical resist reduction.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase damage by [340 + 17 x LV]

EFFECT: Reduces magical resistance by [20 + LV]

Shield Coding


Ada makes a shielding program that attaches magical damage to her basic attack, while increasing armor, spell power and life regeneration.

EFFECT: Increase basic damage by [600 + 15 x LV].
Increase armor by [120 + 3 x LV];
Increase spell power by [720 + 18 x LV];
Recover [480 + (12 x LV)] HP per sec.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength Growth X X 5.6 7 8.4
Intelligence Growth X X 4.8 6 7.2
Agility Growth X X 3.2 4 4.8

   Main Page Dialogue

  • "Eh? Is my phone broken? Haven’t received any call or message for a month."
  • "You want to know my cup size? C++"
  • "Secrets of a programmer’s date? You must be kidding. Is there anyone willing to date a programmer?"
  • "What? Watch a movie? Let me hand in my codes first."
  • "So exhausted.. That damn bug made me work overtime for 24 hours."



Default Skin

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