Arena is a 1v1 PVP battle. Arena opened on the English servers on October 1st. Arena is a cross server battle. Meaning that you can be paired to fight anyone on any server.

All owned BGs selected to fight will get the following:

  • Raised to lvl 90
  • Raised to Orange +2
  • Maxed skills and enhancements
  • Star level remains the same

There is no limit to the amount of times you can battle. For every win you receive a gem. Receive enough gems and you level up. A successful win streak of 3 starts giving you 3 gems per win. If you lose you lose 1 gem. Lose 3 times in a row you lose three gems. Once you achieve rank 6 and higher you can lose rank every time you lose all your gems in that rank.

For example: Lvl 8 to lvl 9 required 3 wins to get three gems. Once you get to Lvl 8 it will take three wins (3 gems) to get to lvl 9. You win the three matches and lvl up. If you lose your first match at lvl 9 you will be dropped back to lvl 8.

Since Arena doesn't detect your BGs star level to match you to opponents fitting your BGs ability level expect to see opponents with Maxed out star lvl BGs.

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