Front tank, high control skills, super high AoE damage dealer.

Like a Shadow...

Star ★★★
Type STR
Summon -
Max Level -
Stats ★★★
Str Growth 5.6
Int Growth 3.8
Agi Growth 3.6
Str ?
Int ?
Agi ?
Max HP ?
Physical Attack ?
Spell Power ?
Physical Defense ?
Spell Resistance ?
Physical Crit ?
HP Regeneration ?
MP Regeneration ?
Armor Ignored ?
Lifesteal Ration -
Reduce MP Consume -

Stun enemies in certain area.

Increase [11xLV] damage. Stun rate increase with level, inevitably hit to enemies below lv [LV].

Release blade of soul to attack enemies front of her, more enemies, more damage.

Increase [7xLV] damage.

Randomly boost ally with highest attack or spell power to increase her attack and spell power.

Increase [5xLV] attack speed

Increase [5xLV] spell power

When the number of hits reaches a multiple of 10, Assassin will charge to defeat enemies, more hurts, then more damage.

Increase [1xLV] damage every time she gets hurt.

Acquirement method
Guild Exchange [ 5 x 500 Coins ]

Main Page Dialog Edit

Not yet.

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