Blowie - I'll blow you away!


Middle High Critical Damager, uses her hair dryer to destroy her enemies. Has high endurance.






Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange


ACTIVE SKILL: Use hair dryer to attack all enemies with magic damage, and drain proportion of HP for Blowie. Drained HP will covey to Blowie after attack.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [6.8 x LV] damage per hit.

EFFECT: Heal herself when the skill ends.

Storm Impact

Attack front enemies, and cause magic damage.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [14.3 x LV] damage per hit.


Sound Wave

Use sonic to silence enemies in huge area and force them to use physical attack only.

PASSIVE: Silence rate increase with level, inevitably hit to enemies below level [20 + LV].

EFFECT: Silence.


Use hair dryer to boost spell power.

PASSIVE: Increase [480 + 12 x LV] spell power.

EFFECT: Spell Power boost.

AWAKENED: Soul of Storm

Increase all allies' Spell Penetration


EFFECT: Spell Penetration boost.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength Growth X 3.3 4.4 5.5 6.6
Intelligence Growth X 4.5 6 7.5 9
Agility Growth X 2.1 2.8 3.5 4.2

   Main Page Dialog

  • "What happens if my hair dryer brakes? Of course, I'll ask Master to buy me another one!"
  • "Even if I stay inside the house, I still need to look pretty!"
  • "Stop being lazy! You need to wash your hair everyday!"
  • "If you are my master, you'll need to be very clean!"
  • "Dry, dry, dry! Dry my hair. Blow away bad thoughts..."


  • "Saa... Hotedo no jikan yo!"(On selection)
  • "Storm fire!" ("Sutomu faiya!") (Ultimate)

   Intimacy Visit

  • "Are you here to wash your hair, scrub it or...?"
  • Fragrance

  • "Ah! What a coincidence~ I just came out of the bathroom."
  • "What? Fragrance?"
  • "It's my new rose-flavored essence~"
  • "Eh? You like it? I still have other flavors here~ Would you like to smell them?"
  • "Wait. Allow me to dry my hair first~"
  • Warmth in Rain

  • "Rainy today? You are soaked!"
  • "Oh, what a heavy rain. Sorry to see you come in such weather."
  • "Master, are you feeling cold? Ha? You became warm once you were here because..."
  • "What... what are you saying! It's always warm here~"
  • "Stop talking this. Let me dry your hair first, master~"
  • About Drier

  • "You're here again~"
  • "My hair drier is in maintenance~"
  • "My drier? Well, it was a birthday gift from my mom~ I was happy because from then on it became more easier to have a"
  • "And later I found it could be used in various ways apart from drying hair~"
  • "Used in what? Think by yourself~"
  • Favorite Flavor

  • "You always come here when I just took a shower. You are on purpose, aren't you?"
  • "Yes? Smell good?"
  • "Of course~ I change essence as my mood changes."
  • "Yes? What flavor suits you best?"
  • "Umm... I cannot figure it out immediately. How about washing your hair with a different flavour on each day you come?"
  • "Follow me~"
  • Bath Service

  • "I'm going to dry my hair~ You can make tea by yourself if you like~"
  • "............"
  • "Gee~ you such a fool. You take the wrong one and are holding my bath additive now!"
  • "Well, bathing with it makes one relaxed and there are lots of flavors to choose~ This one is lavender~"
  • "Eh? Never used that before? It's enjoyable!"
  • "Want to have a try?"
  • "Master, I'll prepare the water for you~ lavender one~ and with scrubbing service~"
  • First Service

  • "Master, what bath additive would you like? And what shampoo? I'm also going to wash your hair~"
  • "What? You get me wrong!"
  • "You are the first one who is given those services! I was all alone before"
  • "It's all your fault. You just came every time soon after I took a shower~"
  • "Master, why do you become shy? My bathroom always opens for you~"
  • Smell of Master (Engagement)

  • "Master, this is..."
  • "How come I am not happy? I am happier than even if I receive thousands of gifts!"
  • "No one knows why I should smell of the same flavor as yours."
  • "It's just like you are always by my side and then, I got captivated by your smell."
  • "So master, I'll not change another flavor anymore~ It's enough for me to be only surrounded by your smell~"


  • Before the June 1, 2016 update, her eyes used to be colored dark blue in the collection card.
  • Reaching Engagement will get a rise of Str/Int/Agi Growth of 5%



Default Skin


Alternative Skin


Awakened Skin

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