Blowie - I'll blow you away! Stars

Middle High Critical Damager, uses her hair dryer to destroy her enemies. Has high endurance.






Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange


ACTIVE SKILL: Use hair dryer to attack all enemies with magic damage, and drain proportion of HP for Blowie. Drained HP will covey to Blowie after attack.

Increase [6.8xLV] damage per hit.

EFFECT: Heal herself when the skill ends.

Storm Impact

Attack front enemies, and cause magic damage.

Increase [14.3xLV] damage per hit.


Sound Wave

Use sonic to silence enemies in huge area and force them to use physical attack only.

Silence rate increase with lv, inevitably hit to enemies below lv [20 + LV].

EFFECT: Silence


Use hair dryer to boost spell power.

PASSIVE: Increase [480 + 12xLV] spell power.


AWAKENED: Soul of Storm

Increase all allies' Spell Penetration



STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength Growth X 3.3 4.4 5.5 6.6
Intelligence Growth X 4.5 6 7.5 9
Agility Growth X 2.1 2.8 3.5 4.2

Main Page Dialog

  • "What happens if my hair dryer brakes? Of course, I'll ask Master to buy me another one!"
  • "Even if I stay inside the house, I still need to look pretty!"
  • "Stop being lazy! You need to wash your hair everyday!"
  • "If you are my master, you'll need to be very clean!"
  • "Dry, dry, dry! Dry my hair. Blow away bad thoughts..."
  • Saa... Hotedo no jikan yo!" (selecting her for battle)
  • "Storm fire!" ("Sutomu faiya!") (ultimate)

Intimacy Visit

"Are you here to wash your hair, scrub it or...?"
Fragrance (First Visit)
"Ah! What a coincidence~ I just came out of the bathroom."
"What? Fragrance?"
"It's my new rose-flavored essence~"
"Eh? You like it? I still have other flavors here~ Would you like to smell them?"
"Wait. Allow me to dry my hair first~"
Warmth in Rain (Intimacy 20/100)
"Rainy today? You are soaked!"
"Oh, what a heavy rain. Sorry to see you come in such weather."
"Master, are you feeling cold? Ha? You became warm once you were here because..."
"What... what are you saying! It's always warm here~"
"Stop talking this. Let me dry your hair first, master~"
About Drier (Intimacy 40/100)
"You're here again~"
"My hair drier is in maintenance~"
"My drier? Well, it was a birthday gift from my mom~ I was happy because from then on it became more easier to have a"
"And later I found it could be used in various ways apart from drying hair~"
"Used in what? Think by yourself~"
Favorite Flavor (Intimacy 60/100)
"You always come here when I just took a shower. You are on purpose, aren't you?"
"Yes? Smell good?"
"Of course~ I change essence as my mood changes."
"Yes? What flavor suits you best?"
"Umm... I cannot figure it out immediately. How about washing your hair with a different flavour on each day you come?"
"Follow me~"
Bath Service (Intimacy 80/100)
"I'm going to dry my hair~ You can make tea by yourself if you like~"
"Gee~ you such a fool. You take the wrong one and are holding my bath additive now!"
"Well, bathing with it makes one relaxed and there are lots of flavors to choose~ This one is lavender~"
"Eh? Never used that before? It's enjoyable!"
"Want to have a try?"
"Master, I'll prepare the water for you~ lavender one~ and with scrubbing service~"
First Service (Intimacy 100/100)
"Master, what bath additive would you like? And what shampoo? I'm also going to wash your hair~"
"What? You get me wrong!"
"You are the first one who is given those services! I was all alone before"
"It's all your fault. You just came every time soon after I took a shower~"
"Master, why do you become shy? My bathroom always opens for you~"
Smell of Master (Engagement)
"Master, this is..."
"How come I am not happy? I am happier than even if I receive thousands of gifts!"
"No one knows why I should smell of the same flavor as yours."
"It's just like you are always by my side and then, I got captivated by your smell."
"So master, I'll not change another flavor anymore~ It's enough for me to be only surrounded by your smell~"


  • Before the June 1, 2016 update, her eyes used to be colored dark blue in the collection card.
  • Reaching Engagement will get a rise of Str/Int/Agi Growth of 5%



Default Skin


Alternative Skin

Not Available


Awakened Skin

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