Capt. Sun
Capt. Sun-awk

Capt. Sun - Conquer the world is my fate.


Front tank with skills to reverse lose to win.



Capt. Sun-stats



Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange

King's Army

Capt. Sun-skill1

Create phantoms in front of every enemy, phantom also has skill Judge of King. Click portrait again to swap with the phantom which is closest to the enemy with lowest HP.

EFFECT: Lv. [LV] phantom

Might of King

Capt. Sun-skill2

Crush enemies' shield to slow enemies' attack and movement by releasing high pressure, also increase Capt. Sun's attack speed.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE: Increase [6 x LV] damage.
Reduce [.15 x LV]% attack speed.
Hitting rate of high pressure increases with skill level, inevitable hit to enemies below level [LV].


King's Shield

Capt. Sun-skill3

Summon shield to absorb damage except divine damage, and use divine damage against nearby enemies.

EFFECT: Resist [3 + (.15 x LV)] magic damage maximum.

Judge of King

Capt. Sun-skill4

Attack with divine damage. If less than 10 Battle Girls in battle, divine damage will be increased, less Battle Girls, more damage.

EFFECT: Increase [132 + (3.3 x LV)] damage every fallen Battle Girl.
Plus [880 + (3.3 x LV)] holy damage.

AWAKENED: King's Wisdom

Capt. Sun-skill5

After use ultimate skill, the follow 3 times of attack from Capt. Sun and her phantoms shall reduce enemies' MP.

EFFECT: Create [100 + LV]% MP loss.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength Growth X X 5.2 6.5 7.8
Intelligence Growth X X 2.6 3.25 3.9
Agility Growth X X 5.6 7 8.4

   Main Page Dialogue

  • "King represent the will of his countrymen."
  • "Conquer your enemies instead of slay them all."
  • "King isn't alone, as all countrymen stand with him."
  • "Crown on your head means more responsibility."
  • "My ambition is to see all my enemies kneel before."


Capt. Sun-gif

Default Skin

Capt. Sun-awk-skin

Awakened Skin

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