Middle Swifter, will charge to the frontline once her teammates get defeated.

My swords are really fast!

Type AGI
Summon -
Max Level -
Stats ★★★ (Purple+1)
Str Growth 4.4
Int Growth 2
Agi Growth 5.6
Str 512
Int 289
Agi 566
Max HP 11339
Physical Attack 1201
Spell Power 753
Physical Defense 178
Spell Resistance 68
Physical Crit 364
HP Regeneration 675
MP Regeneration 187
Armor Ignored 12
Lifesteal Ration 47
Reduce MP Consume -

Boost allies' will to increase 25% speed and attack speed, also boost attack and spell power.

Gain [8xLV] physical attack for all allies. Gain [8xLV] spell power for all allies.

Use sword to cause huge physical damage in large area front her.

Increase [10.5xLV] damage.

Not only strike with sword force, but also cleaving attack causing splash damage to nearby enemies.

Increase [240 + 12xLV] damage.

Boost attack speed greatly.

Passive: Increase [20 + 0.5xLV] attack speed.

Acquirement method
Guild Exchange [ 5 x 500 Coins ]

Main Page Dialog Edit

  • "Contract completed! From this moment, my blades will fight by your name. Never give up! Always strive forward!" (after obtaining her)
  • "Don't be afraid of lies because this world was built with deception."
  • "If you never do anything, nothing will ever change!"
  • "Only those who have nothing know the really important things of life!"
  • "I don't want someone to choose me because of my qualities! I want someone who sees my wrongs and still choose me for who I am!"
  • "If you have the persistence of a sunflower, you'll always find your sunlight!"

Intimacy Visit Edit

"Come over here. I'll make tea for you!"

Nervous Visit Edit

"Please, have a seat. Have a cup of tea..."


"Eh? Am I too serious? Really...? I always act like this..."

"Okay, I'll try to relax as well. What would you like to eat? I have red bean cake and cookies."

"Sorry, I got a little bit nervous. You were the first one to come over."

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