1. In Champion, HP and SP of Battle Girls from both sides will not be reset.
  2. Fallen Battle Girls cannot be revived.
  3. When battle time ends, then consider both 2 sides lose.
  4. Only 1 chance for every player daily.
  5. After winning a battle, Player can unlock treasure chests to gain abundant rewards like coins, gears, scrolls, and small chance to win battle girl.
  6. Player who defeats the 9th opponent in Champion can gain the access to Mystic Chest, by spending 50 diamonds to unlock Mystic Chest for abundant rewards. After Champion reset, Mystic Chest also will be reset whether remain locked or open.
  7. You can collect Champion Trophy from gold treasure chests and exchange them for abundant rewards in Champion Exchange.


Wealth, partner, strength

all you want is here.

You shall stand above us all after suffering frustration,

failure, even death.

Once you are powerful enough,

then you can claim everything, including me.


Quit the battle early and you may restart the battle.

Team with high regeneration rate is recommended.

Use your ultimate skills wisely.

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