Dr. Hua
Missing Description.

Missing Description.

Type INT
Summon MEJ
Max Level -
Stats ★★
Str Growth 3.4
Int Growth 5.8
Agi Growth 3.4
Str 18
Int 30
Agi 23
Max HP 481
Physical Attack 52
Spell Power 70
Physical Defense 5
Spell Resistance 2
Physical Crit 9
Spell Crit -
HP Regeneration -
MP Regeneration -
Physical Dodge -
Spell Penetration -
Healing Effect Increase -
Armor Ignored -
Lifesteal Ration -
Reduce MP Consume -

Use power of redemption to protect an ally even from death.

Undertake [150xLV] damage maximum.

Use venomous energy to hit enemy, and cause continuous magic damage.

Increase [15xLV] damage. Additional [24xLV] damage.

Release a healing orb to heal all allies.

Increase [400 + 20xLV] heal amount.

Wield the power of meteor to reduce all enemies' defense.

Aura: Reduce all enemies' [32 + 0.8xLV] defense.

Acquirement method

Main Page Dialog Edit

  • "Don't worry about the side effects."
  • "I always sleep during classes. That's why I don't know anything!"
  • "Come, come, come. Have some medicine for no apparent reason."
  • "Don't worry, don't worry. This medicine will not kill you."
  • "Studying is absolutely not romantic..."
  • "You called?" ("Yobimashita?") (selecting her for battle)

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