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A new park named Fantasy was built upon a clearing near the academy, as people say, by an old friend of the principal. But the weirdest part is that how it could be done over one night. Thus girls decided to reveal the truth!
Unexpectedly what waited them are dangerous guardian bosses in front of every recreation facility, there must be some secret about it!


  1. You need to be lv.65 or above to challenge bosses in Fantasy.
  2. After boss is refreshed, you get 5 free chances to challenge.
  3. The damage in rank is your highest damage to a boss.
  4. Rewards are calculated every 10 pm (GMT+8) after boss is refreshed, before which Fantasy needs to
    be closed for 2 minutes.
  5. Rewards are sent every 10 pm (GMT+8) according to your highest damage rank on current day.
  6. The highest damage to boss of each guild member will be summarized Into the guild rankings of
  7. Guild active points as rewards are sent every 10 pm (GMT+8) according to the guild rank of total
  8. Each time when losing a certain amount of health, the boss stacks a Rage buff.
  9. You can borrow battle girls in Fantasy.
  10. Fantasy coins rewarded can be exchanged for Items in Fantasy's store.
  11. You are also rewarded 20% of your daily highest damage to boss as coins every 10 pm (GMT+8).
  12. Boss in Fantasy can be killed.
  13. From Fantasy's daily closing time on, it needs 1 day to be maintained and after that will be
    reopened at 8 am (GMT+8)


Zombia-PortraitWalking Dead

Walking Dead

Am I fake? Nah, I am a real zombie.


Attacks all enemies in front with Dead Claw.
The enemies hit will be infected and enter a mad status, during
which they can't be healed and begin to take extra damge, but
will grant bonus attack power and dodge rate.
Strikes adverse souls with Dead Claw, damaging all enemies in front.
Deals more damage to enemies with more health percentage left.
Inflicts extra damage on enemies with remaining health above 50%.
Casts a secret skill of The Dead Clan to increase
attack power at the cost of self accuracy.
If HP loss reaches certain level,
then will increase personal stats.

Kitty-PortraitParade Catgirl

Parade Catgirl

Come and join our cosplay parade!


Instantly slashes all enemies and leaves an imprint of claw.
The presence of the imprint disables targets to be healed.
Infects enemies with venom that deprives them
of abilities to attack or move.
Attack all enemies in front with mutant paws.
Enemies killed will be converted to cat souls
to assist in fighting.
If HP loss reaches certain level,
then will increase personal stats.



Want to know your fate?


Oracle fixes the smashed mirror release power of yin&yang.
She will create huge magic damage to enemies in large area
and reduce enemies' defense in certain time.
Oracle focuses power on smashed mirrors
to attack enemies 4 times, creates magic
damage and knock away girls who are not
magic type.
Oracle attacks all enemies and silences girls
who are not magic type.
Damage is based on the number of magic
girls, more magic girls, less damage.
If HP loss reaches certain level,
then will increase personal stats.

Ada-PortraitHi-tech Lady

Hi-tech Lady

Allow me to create.


(...) spell characters. After process end, based on the received
characters' quantity and types, Hi-tech Lady will create huge damage
to surrounding enemies with special effect. More physical characters,
then reduce speed; More spell characters, silence effect.
Hi-tech Lady randomly select an enemy
and create huge magical damage
as she is the center of a circle.
Hi-tech Lady encodes an untouchable weapon to attack
front enemy, first attack will lower enemy's spell resistance;
Second attack will create additional damage to enemy who
suffered the first attack.
If HP loss reaches certain level,
then will increase personal stats.

Fortune-PortraitPirate Captain

Pirate Captain

Want to get on a pirate ship? You need captain's approval.


(...) the real body of Captain, by casting ultimate the
enemy can break the illusion; if not, she will detonate
all Mirror Illusions.
Mirror Illusions will auto-explode once their durations
reaches 15 seconds.
Pirate Captain has a chance to dodge incoming damage.
If it is physical damage, Captain will summon an illusion
immune to physical damage.
If magical, the illusion is immune to magical damage.
Pirate Captain weaves her weapon,
damage all enemies in an area.
Can't be dodged.
If HP loss reaches certain level,
then will increase personal stats.

Wu Kong-PortraitLaughing Joker
Wu Kong-gif

Laughing Joker

Want this ballon? You need to exchange something for it.


Wu Kong-skill3
Clown attacks enemies with her Light of Wisdom that deals physical
damage, while summoning a clone by the target and turning it to an animal.
Each kind of animal functions differently;
It can make the target keep losing health or keep restoring MP.
Wu Kong-skill2
Clown makes two clones that have extra
dodge rate to help her fight.
Wu Kong-skill1
Clown creates a clone to bewilder enemies.
Afterwards, she swings lance to give attacks to enemies in front.
The more clones, the more damage of lance.
If HP loss reaches certain level,
then will increase personal stats.

Assassin-PortraitCharming Waitress

Charming Waitress

Welcome. Would you like a cup of coffe? Or this poisonous wine?


When the number of attacks Assassin has received
is a multiple of 10, she will charge at the enemies,
which stuns them and deals physical damage.
The damage of this skill increases with the
number of casts.
Assassin channels her inner cosmos which collapse the universe.
Pulls all enemies together, deals magic damage and stuns them.
Assassin releases her blade of soul which attack all enemies
in front of her, the damage output of this skill increases with
the amounts of enemies hit by this skill.
Helps an ally to reach their full potential, the target will
be either the ally with the highest physical attack or
an ally with the highest magic attack.
Increases their respective damage output.

Angel-PortraitShining Angel

Shining Angel

If you get to the top on ferris wheel, you may see the Angel.


Wu Kong-skill2
Angel starts to pray.
A holy light will ensue to strike all enemies
in front with magical damage.
Duplicates a target to create an illusion behind her.
The illusion has less health, but higher physical and
magical resistance
The illusion will last untill killed.
Releases Flash Blast to damage a target and all nearby battle girls.
If the attribute of a nearby girl is different from it of the target, this
nearby girl will die instantly.
If HP loss reaches certain level,
then will increase personal stats.

Muppet-PortraitString Puppet

String Puppet

Ready? The show will begin at 8pm!


Muppet shows her instinct power, hanging up
enemies in an area and dealing magical damage.
If an enemy moves or is moved while Muppet is
caster the skill, she won't hanged, or will take
damage over time after hanged otherwise.
Muppet tosses to the farthest enemy a
Voodoo Doll that will explode in 3 seconds,
stunning and dealing magical damage.
Muppet controls the strings to strike all
enemies with magical damage. The farther the
enemy is, the more damage she will take.
Damage from Muppet increases by 15% with
per enemy past.
Muppet buffs herself with Yin Yang String.
Whenever the layer of a player's damage
reaches an odd number, Muppet reduces the
incoming physical damage; if it's an even
number, reduces the incoming magical damage.

Liah-PortraitCitadel Queen

Citadel Queen

Outplay me ~ I'll give you whatever you want ~


Wild Queen creates a huge
wind that moves forward slowly,
dealing damage to enemies
nearby once per second.
Wild Queen grants herself a
shield that can deflect spell
damage for her shortly.
Wild Queen uses Spinning Fan,
slightly knocking back the enemy
closest to her and this knocked back
enemy will damage her allies close
to her landing zone.
If HP loss reaches certain level,
then will increase personal stats.