Intimacy-Heart  Fleur - ecstasy...


Frontline tank that has the power to keep the enemies' MP low.





Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange

Deadly Bondage

Fleur throws a handcuff at her enemies, which explodes on contact with any enemy. Deals magic damage in a small area once detonated and drains a small amount of enemies' MP.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [0.5 x LV] MP reducing.
                                Increase [5 x LV] magic damage.

EFFECT: MP Reduction.

Love's Whip

Fluer whips the target closest to herself. Deals physical damage several times and knocks the target back. Drains a small portion of their mana.


EFFECT: Knock Back and MP Reduction.


Fluer enters a state of ecstasy, which greatly increases her physical defense. Enemies that are damaged by fluer loses mana while she is in estasy~


EFFECT: Physical Defense boost and MP Reduction.


All allies gain additional MP recovery from damage.


EFFECT: MP Recovery boost.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength X 4.7 6.2 ? 9.2
Intelligence X 2.8 3.8 ? 5.8
Agility X 2.1 2.8 ? 4.2

   Main Page Dialogue

  • "Mortal, love & pain, love~love~love~love~"
  • "Torture me to make me feel alive~"
  • "Ahh ~ sweet and melancholy tone..."
  • "Not enough, Master. Whips candles and shackles are far from enough ~"
  • "Master,just trample me with all your love ~"

   Intimacy Visit

  • "So... So excited!"
  • Favorite Things

  • "My favorite thing?"
  • "I like many things~"
  • "Master, do you want to see my collections?~"
  • "Hmm~"
  • "Master, are you shy?"
  • About Interest

  • "My interest?"
  • "Don't be surprised~ I really enjoy the feeling of pain."
  • "Why?"
  • "Only the pain can let me feel alive~"
  • "The reason? Hmm, I will tell you at the right opportunity~"
  • Favorite Person

  • "My favorite person~ There are a lot."
  • "I like person who is thoughtful~"
  • "Just remember there are several persons I like~"
  • "But simple fight in jest or for fun can't satisfy me~ I want more~ more~"
  • "Master~ I like you very much."
  • "I enjoy the feeling master whip me. Come on, just Scourge me."
  • "Tread me~ Let me feel your love~"
  • "More~ I want more~"
  • About Cynthia

  • "Cynthia... I like her."
  • "She likes whip, wax and high-heeled shoes like me too~"
  • "What difference is that she likes give others pain but I like pain itself~"
  • "She has a good taste~ Just like me."
  • "But she like others on her~ Hahaha~"
  • "We always discuss together~"
  • "Master~ Do you have any interest~"
  • The Reason I Like Pain

  • "Master~ Are you still thinking why I like pain?"
  • "Nothing special~ Just after encountering some things, I deeply loved this feeling."
  • "In the life which is like a white paper, this pain let me feel alive."
  • "The sweet and miserable tones spring to my mind."
  • "Although it is painful, it makes me feel great."
  • "Master~ Please keep loving me in the future."
  • Stay Together Forever (Engagement)

  • "Get married with master~ Master~ Please love me still in the future"
  • "We'll stay together~ I can't live without master now~"
  • "Not only because master can satisfy me"
  • "In my bleak life, except pain, master is the only one left"
  • "Master~ I want to accompany with you forever~"
  • "I'll be here all the time~"
  • "The love master gives me is Irreplaceable~"
  • "I'll stay around master all the time~"
  • Special Gift

  • "It really surprise me~ "


  • "I don't need so many gifts actually~" - When disliking a gift.
  • "I'll keep master's gift well~" - When liking a gift.
  • "Master, your taste is really good~" - When loving a gift.
  • Obs. Loving, liking or disliking a gift will have no impact on the Intimacy gain.



Default Skin



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