Middle Physical Damage Dealer, can attack multiple enemies at once.

Bang Bang Bang!

Type AGI
Summon -
Max Level -
Stats ★★★
Str Growth 3.8
Int Growth 3.9
Agi Growth 6.3
Str 369
Int 360
Agi 576
Max HP 8248
Physical Attack 1168
Spell Power 972
Physical Defense 153
Spell Resistance 50
Physical Crit 387
Spell Crit 30
HP Regeneration 90
MP Regeneration 32
Armor Ignored 5
Lifesteal Ration 30
Reduce MP Consume -

Successively use Heart, Spade, Diamond an Club 4 pokers to attack enemy randomly with physical damage.

Increase [13.2xLV] damage. Interruption rate increase with lv, invitably hit to enemies below lv [LV].

Use poker to attack an enemy randomly, damage is based on which poker is used.

Increase [13.2xLV] damage. Interruption rate increase with lv, invitably hit to enemies below lv [LV].

Throw a magic poker to bounce between enemies, every time will decrease damage.

Increase [160 + 8xLV] primitive damage.

Share magician's power with all allies to increase allies' physical attack.

Aura: Increase all allies' [160 + 4xLV] attack.

Draw a poker after attacking target, if continuosly attack twice with the same poker, increase damage.

Increase [1200 + 20xLV] damage.

Acquirement method
Gambler awakened

Main Page Dialog Edit

  • "Club means good wealth!"
  • "Spades represent power!"
  • "Red hearts represent love!"
  • "I was just free talking. Hahaha!"
  • "Ways justify their means!"

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