Guan Yin

Front Physical Damage Dealer, super extremely mega powerful.

Three blades have passed, You are

Type AGI
Summon SX
Max Level -
Stats ★★★★★
Str Growth ?
Int Growth ?
Agi Growth ?
Str ?
Int ?
Agi ?
Max HP ?
Physical Attack ?
Spell Power ?
Physical Defense ?
Spell Resistance ?
Physical Crit ?
Spell Crit ?
HP Regeneration ?
MP Regeneration ?
Armor Ignored ?
Lifesteal Ration ?
Reduce MP Consume -

Use magic mirror to project multiple shadows and attack randomly.

Increase [24xLV] damage per hit.

High-speed rotation, immune to magic and cause multiple physical damage.

Increase [20xLV] damage per hit .

Place a flag to recover nearby allies' HP.

Recover all allies' [32xLV] HP.

Increase stats to boost agility.

Increase [?] agility.

Acquirement method

Main Page Dialog Edit

  • "Your objective is only one. Respecting me as your ruler!"
  • "There is no opponent before me!"
  • "Only if you are above everyone, they'll realize how strong you are!"
  • "Mada Mada Dane!"
  • "I can kill every living things in this world!"

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