Synopsis: Guild campaign requires players to be in a guild and the guild leaders to have the level requirements to open the guild campaign. Each player has two tries per day.

Guild campaign begins with Chapter 7: Crisis! Crisis!. Enemies have extremely high health and can deal much more damage to players than in normal and elite campaign. The cooperation of the entire guild is necessary to complete the guild campaign swiftly and effectively.

Each stage is separated into three parts. Players that complete one part do NOT get their timer reset when continuing to the next. Completing the third part ends the player's try.

Once enemies are defeated, they drop loot and trophies. Loot is kept by the person who attains it while trophies are distributed evenly through the guild trophy distribution system.

Hint: When multiple chapters are open, players receive two tries per chapter. The most guild coins can be obtained by high damage ranking.


  1. From Chapter 7, every chapter becomes an independent guild activity.
  2. It will cause active points to initiate every guild activity.
  3. Leader and vice leader can reset activity with the same active points.
  4. Members can challenge the same activity level on each turn, and enemies' HP won't recover in activity.
  5. Every member can challenge the same activity twice daily, and conquer one activity at most. Facing new enemies in same activity, remaining time won't be reset.
  6. For not effecting on other members' gaming experience, please select Battle Girls in 1 minute, and finish battle in 3 minutes.
  7. Cannot join Guild activity during 5:00 am - 8:00 am.
  8. You can gain guild badges after clearing guild activity, which can be used to exchange reward from gifts system.
  9. After finishing guild activity, every member can receive certain guild badges. If finished activity in 7 days, members will receive more badges.
  10. System will record every participating member's highest damage, players with high damage will be rewarded after activity ends.
  11. Members who scored the final strike of guild activity will be rewarded.
  12. Every participating player will be rewarded with coins based on damage dealt after activity ends.
  13. When calculating damage dealt, final boss's HP will count as 200%.
  14. Guild activity will drop special trophy, members can apply to claim, and system will create a sequence based on time of applications.
  15. Every 30 minutes from 30:30 am to 23:30pm, system will distribute trophy based on the sequence.
  16. Every player can claim 1 trophy only, canceling application or claim other trophy, you will leave sequence, and rank will not remain.