Hottie - Do you want to die by my hands? Stars

Back Damager, can cause tons of damage. Reduces enemies defense.






Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange


ACTIVE SKILL: Allure nearest enemy and cause magic damage, which is influenced by spell power.

Increases [180 + 160 x LV] Total Damage.


Lethal Allure

Allure enemy to cause magic damage and sustained damage. 3 times maximum of allure effective, each allure will reset duration.

Increases [56 x LV] Damage.
Reduce Target's Defence by [0.5 x LV] Points.


Crystal Rub

Wear an invisible armor to withstand magic damage.

Increases [40 + 2x LV] Spell Resistance.

EFFECT: Spell Resistance boost

Mind Shock

Attack enemy with lover HP will cause higher damage, additional damage is based on target's HP.


STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength Growth X X 3.8 4.75 ?
Intelligence Growth X X 3.6 4.5 ?
Agility Growth X X 5.7 7.3 ?

Main Page Dialog

  • "Master, do you want me to use my mouth or chest? Or maybe..."
  • "Cat, police, school, uniform, nurse. I have all the costumes for Master. Just pick one!"
  • "We can do anything that Master wants..."
  • "Staying alone is not good for your health! Using your hand is not good, too!"
  • "Master, do you want to eat? Do you want to take a bath? Or do you want to do something else..."

Top Floor Exchange Dialog

  • "Please come here often, we will offer you special service if you buy more."
  • "Come to see me everyday~"
  • "Wow, you really know how to shop!" (after buying)
  • "There's no return once you bought it." (after buying)
  • "This item is sold out already." (after tapping a sold out item)
  • "This is all that we got for today, come back some other time." (after tapping a sold out item)

Intimacy Visit

  • "Are you specially coming to this party for me?"
  • Reliable Person (>0 Intimacy)

  • "What do you think is the most powerful weapon of a woman? To be gentle or to be childish?"
  • "Neither of them~ A charitable love is uncontrollable~"
  • "The only thing a woman can rely on is her own body~"
  • "Hum~"
  • "So, master, honeyed words don't mean anything~"
  • Drink at Party (>20 Intimacy)

  • "Master, what's this?"
  • "Err... buy me a drink? Interesting."
  • "No problem. But I'll just have one cup~"
  • "Otherwise, in case I am drunken, something may happen~"
  • "Nothing will happen?"
  • "I cannot know better of your wicked thoughts~"



Default Skin


Alternative Skin

Template Created by Mirtilli

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