Front tank battle girl, not only has decent damage, but also has the power to protect allies.

Math is so fantastic!

Type INT
Summon -
Max Level -
Stats ★★★ White
Str Growth 4.4
Int Growth 5.6
Agi Growth 3.4
Str 25
Int 31
Agi 20
Max HP 607
Physical Attack 57
Spell Power 73
Physical Defense 4
Spell Resistance 3
Physical Crit 7
Spell Crit -
HP Regeneration -
MP Regeneration -
Physical Dodge -
Spell Penetration -
Armor Ignored -

Create magic damage to all enemies. And convert created damage to a shield for herself, if enemies is phantom or summons, then double the damage.

Increase [15xLV] damage. Absorb [160xLV] damage.

Charge to front enemy, create damage and stun target. If enemy is phantom or clone, then double the damage and stunned time.


Release a force field to absorb damage for all allies, absorbing damage is based on current MP.


Recycle remaining MP, Hypatia will gain a buff by an enemy is destroyed, 10 buffs maximum.


Acquirement method

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