Front Charger, can destroy enemies formation. 

Anyone else?

Type AGI
Summon SEJ / MEJ
Max Level -
Str Growth 7.5
Int Growth 4.5
Agi Growth 7.5
Str 989
Int 629
Agi 901
Max HP 20729
Physical Attack 1937
Spell Power 1611
Physical Defense 276
Spell Resistance 145
Physical Crit 636
Spell Crit -
HP Regeneration 1655
MP Regeneration 302
Physical Dodge 0
Spell Penetration -
Armor Ignored 18
Lifesteal Ration 32
Reduce MP Consume -

Release a spell, damage increase with skills she has used.

Increase [3xLV] damage every time using skill.

Grab the nearest enemy and throw her away.

Increase [11xLV] damage. Grab rate increase with lv, inevitably hit t enemies below lv [LV].

Jump up and pound ground to cause physical damage and stun nearby enemies.

Increase [264 + 13.2xLV] damage. Stun rate increase with lv, inevitably hit to enemies below lv [20 + LV]

Increase the rate of dodging attack.

Passive: incrase [12 + 0.3xLV] dodge ate every time using skill.

Acquirement method
1 on 1 Exchange [ 5 x 500 ⬡ ]

Dialog Edit

  • "Just take this light!" ("Kono hikari wa ukereba ii!") (ultimate)
  • "Uwaah...! My... power...!" ("Uwaah...! Watashi no... pawaa...!") (after being defeated)

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