Leona - I'm five levels ahead of you! Stars

Front tank, with sturdy armor and crowd control skill.






Chapter 3 - Wilfulness Request
Chapter 4 - Just For That?
Chapter 8 - The Disapperance Of Master
Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange

Infinite Aura

ACTIVE SKILL: Pound ground and strike all enemies.

Increase [12xLV] damage. Stun rate increase with lv, inevitably hit to enemies below lv [LV].

EFFECT: Stun All Enemies.


Use aurora to cause magic damage and reduce armor in a short time.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [12xLV] damage. Reduce [LV] defense.

EFFECT: Reduce Defense One Front Enemie.

Aurora Strike

Use claymore to cause physical damage to nearby enemies.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE: Increase [120 + 6xLV] damage. Decrease target's [120 + 6xLV] attack.

EFFECT: Decrease Enemies Attack.

Alloy Armor

Increase stats to boost physical defense.

PASSIVE: Increase [120 + 3xLV] defense.


AWAKENED: King's Armor

When Leona is under 30% of maximum HP, then she will gain HP recovery for 10 seconds. During the recovery, Leona will create damage equals to 5% of lost HP no nearby enemies; this skill will be triggered every 30 seconds. If there is an enemy death, then this skill's cooldown will be reset.



STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength Growth 3 4.7 6.4 8.1 9.8
Intelligence Growth 1.7 2.7 3.7 4.7 5.7
Agility Growth 1.5 2.4 3.3 4.2 5.1

Main Page Dialog

  • "There is nothing too hard with a good mood! Change your mood! Change the world!"
  • "I spent all my savings buying these stuff!"
  • "Money, money, money! I really need money..."
  • "Selling my body! Selling my body! Selling my body to fix this weapon!"
  • "Not everyone can move this sword!"

Intimacy Visit

"Hey, are you rich? I don't want to be a friend of a poor wretch!"
Crazy Work
"You can see me everywhere?"

"Idiot, of course you can!"

"I need to do various part-time jobs a day or I can't afford my house rent!"

"Uh...? Play games...? Hmph!"

"Anyone who kills time by playing games will slowly lose all their wisdom!"

Pay for Answer!
"What do you want of me? Can't you see that I am working?"

"You need to pay me if you want to talk with me!"

"Wow, 150 dollars! Okay, now ask whatever questions you like."

"Why do I lack money? What a fool! How can anyone think little of money?"

"It costs a lot to maintain a sword!"

"Any other questions?"

"Ah! Time for that 150 dollars, thanks for your kindness~"


  • Leona had the highest defense in the game. (formerly)



Default Skin


Awakened Skin

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