Leona - I'm five levels ahead of you!


Front tank, with sturdy armor and crowd control skill.






Chapter 3 - Wilfulness Request
Chapter 4 - Just For That?
Chapter 8 - The Disapperance Of Master
Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange

Infinite Aura

ACTIVE SKILL: Pound ground and strike all enemies.

Increase [12 x LV] damage.
Stun rate increase with level, inevitably hit to enemies below level [LV].

EFFECT: Stun All Enemies.


Use aurora to cause magic damage and reduce armor in a short time.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [12 x LV] damage.
                                Reduce [LV] defense.

EFFECT: Defense debuff.

Aurora Strike

Use claymore to cause physical damage to nearby enemies.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE: Increase [120 + 6 x LV] damage.
                                      Decrease target's [120 + 6 x LV] attack.

EFFECT: Attack Power debuff.

Alloy Armor

Increase stats to boost physical defense.

PASSIVE: Increase [120 + 3 x LV] defense.

EFFECT: Physical Defense boost.

AWAKENED: King's Armor


When Leona is under 30% of maximum HP, then she will gain HP recovery for 10 seconds. During the recovery, Leona will create damage equals to 5% of lost HP no nearby enemies; this skill will be triggered every 30 seconds. If there is an enemy death, then this skill's cooldown will be reset.

PASSIVE: [183 + 3 x LV] HP recovery per second.

EFFECT: Healing for herself.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength Growth 3 4.7 6.4 8.1 9.8
Intelligence Growth 1.7 2.7 3.7 4.7 5.7
Agility Growth 1.5 2.4 3.3 4.2 5.1

   Main Page Dialog

  • "There is nothing too hard with a good mood! Change your mood! Change the world!"
  • "I spent all my savings buying these stuff!"
  • "Money, money, money! I really need money..."
  • "Selling my body! Selling my body! Selling my body to fix this weapon!"
  • "Not everyone can move this sword!"

   Intimacy Visit

  • "Hey, are you rich? I don't want to be a friend of a poor wretch!"
  • Crazy Work

  • "You can see me everywhere?"
  • "Idiot, of course you can!"
  • "I need to do various part-time jobs a day or I can't afford my house rent!"
  • "Uh...? Play games...? Hmph!"
  • "Anyone who kills time by playing games will slowly lose all their wisdom!"
  • Pay for Answer!

  • "What do you want of me? Can't you see that I am working?"
  • "You need to pay me if you want to talk with me!"
  • "Wow, 150 dollars! Okay, now ask whatever questions you like."
  • "Why do I lack money? What a fool! How can anyone think little of money?"
  • "It costs a lot to maintain a sword!"
  • "Any other questions?"
  • "Ah! Time for that 150 dollars, thanks for your kindness~"



Default Skin


Alternative Skin


Awakened Skin

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