Front Tank, can reduce enemies damage output.

All for my Sister!

Type STR
Summon SX
Max Level -
Stats ★★★ Purple
Str Growth 6.6
Int Growth 4.4
Agi Growth 2.6
Str 553
Int 411
Agi 264
Max HP 12188
Physical Attack


Spell Power 1180
Physical Defense 111
Spell Resistance 105
Physical Crit 160
Spell Crit 20
HP Regeneration 1205
MP Regeneration 172
Physical Dodge 5
Spell Penetration 5
Armor Ignored -
Lifesteal Ration -
Reduce MP Consume -

When releasing Night Blades, leave magic damage and silence all enemies 1.5 seconds every 5 seconds, effect last until Redeyes dies.

Increase [6xLV] damage. Silence rate increase with lv, inevitably hit to enemies below lv [LV].

Randomly lock an enemy to reduce her attack and spell power, and unlock when Ninja died.

Reduce attack [5xLV]. Reduce Spell Power [5xLV].

Dodge a strike every 9 seconds. After releasing Night Blade, every time using Assassin, will set Chain of Fate to target.

Dodge damage less than [120 at LV 10]

Reduce enemies' damage and controlled time.

Reduce [50.5% at LV 1] damage and Controlled Time.

Acquirement method

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