Ninja - I do everything for my sister, for she is everything to me.


Frontline tank, able to reduce the enemies' damage output.






Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange

Pulsing Blade

ACTIVE SKILL: Ninja releases a shockwave that deals magic damage and silences them for 1.5 seconds. This effect lasts until Ninja dies.
(Triggers every 5 seconds.)

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [6 x LV] damage.
Silence rate increase with level, inevitably hit to enemies below level [LV].

EFFECT: Silence.

Chains of Fate


Ninja randomly seals an enemy's fate which reduces their attack and spell power.
The seal disappears when Ninja dies.

PASSIVE: Reduce Attack [5 x LV].
Reduce Spell Power [5 x LV].

EFFECT: Attack and Spell Power debuff.

Assassin's Creed


Ninja is a professional assassin, which enables a garanteed dodge every 9 seconds. After Pulsing Blade is active, everytime Ninja uses Assassin's Creed, Chains of Fate will be cast on the target that attacked Ninja.

PASSIVE: Dodge damage less than [8400 + 400 x LV].


Assassin's Soul


Ninja takes reduced damage and reduced crowd controlled time if that skill has already hit her once.

PASSIVE: Reduce damage and controlled time by [50.5 + 0.5 x LV] %.

EFFECT: Reduce Damage and Controlling skills duration.

AWAKENED: Weaving Chains


Chains of Fate now marks an enemy when hit, if a target is already marked and gets hit by Chains of Fate again, the marks will be consumed, and the target takes huge amount of holy damage.

Increase [671 + 11 x LV] damage.

EFFECT: Deals unavoidable damage.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength Growth X X 5.4 6.75 8.1
Intelligence Growth X X 4.8 6 7.2
Agility Growth X X 3 3.75 4.5

   Main Page Dialogue

  • "Hey! Have you seen my sister?" (after obtaining her)
  • "I can't live without my sister!"
  • "I will protect my sister!"
  • "Sister, sister, sister! Let's do some mission together!"
  • "Even my Master can't take sister from me!"
  • "Sister is the strongest in the village, she never failed a mission!"

   Intimacy Visit

  • "Are you here to steal away my sister?!"
  • Sister Is Mine

  • "Here comes the rival for my sister's love!"
  • "No way even if it's master! My sister is always mine!"
  • "What? You didn't come for my sis?"
  • "Hmph! I don't believe you."
  • "I've discovered what master is thinking about. Stop currying favor with my sister!"



Default Skin


Alternative Skin


Awakened Skin

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