Intimacy-Heart  Octagirl - Attention makes victory.


Rear DPS, countering girls at middle and rear rank.





Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange

Water Cannon

Octagirl gathers tides to strike enemy units at rear rank with AOE physical damage.



Grilled Octopus

Throw a grilled octopus to rear enemies. The octopus deals physical damage and causes its targets to be stunned.


EFFECT: Stun the rear line.

Dashing Octopus

Let loose a dashing octopus which deals physical damage to all enemies it passes through.



Erosive Ink

Octagirl imbues her attacks with ink that increases armor penetration.


EFFECT: Armor Penetration boost.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength X X 3.6 4.5 5.4
Intelligence X X 4.2 5.25 6.3
Agility X X 5.6 7 8.4

   Main Page Dialogue

  • "Idiot! I am not inclined to speak with an idiot!"
  • "A foolish man like you can only survive one episode in TV series."
  • "I am the cleverest human in this world."
  • "What? You make me to fight with my own hands? Fighting is what idiots usually do!"
  • "You are not that smart to understand my foresight."

   Intimacy Visit

  • "Hey! Here is not seafood restaurant!"
  • The Cleverest Creature

  • "(Searching for good restaurant...) What? Paul the Octopus? Have a look..."
  • "An octopus predicts the result of football match..."
  • "Hum... Just a match, not a big stuff~"
  • "Octopus is the cleverest creature in the world~"
  • "Stupid master, you have not passed the exam again~ How do I know? The TV programme has said, I'm a predictor~"
  • Jellyfish Crisis

  • "Ah~ Stupid master! She, she (pointed at Jelly)... What is this jellyfish!"
  • "You... Eight tentacle are not enough for you?"
  • "Don't make excuses, there is no Jelly in the champion chest!"
  • "Purr... Are you dislike me? I...I'll not put my tentacles in your food~"
  • "Hum... Can you negotiate with principle to dismiss this jellyfish? Don't forget to keep the bottle."
  • Octopus's Favorite

  • "Hun... Hungry... Smells great~ What is it?"
  • "Wow~ There is a lobster on the desk... Saliva..."
  • "There is a note there, let me have a look..."
  • "To oct... Before you eat the lobster, ask the question first, what is your favorite? A. Master B. Lobster"
  • "Thinking... Done... Eating!!! Tasty~ (Sure my favorite is that idiot who like eating lobster)"
  • Exposed?

  • "Ah... So boring~ Anything can do?"
  • "Ah? Little pink what did you say?"
  • "Okay, so be it!"
  • "Octagirl covered herself with tentacles..."
  • "I am a little coconut... I am a coconut..."
  • "Shaking... Who is holding me?"
  • "This, this is bed? So warm... Don't go..."
  • "I've talked with little pink to have a pretending match, can't be found by that idiot..."
  • I'm Not Feel Lost

  • "In fact, I have not visited Sisha for a long time~"
  • "Don't know if little shark has grown up..."
  • "Luckily, I have master, it's not so boring..."
  • "Yes, Sisha is my best friend~"
  • "Miss the days go on patrol with her on the beach..."
  • "Seems only me is free, Sisha seems fighting a lot..."
  • "I'm not depressed... How can you know my powerful mind..."
  • New Home?

  • "Idiot~ Idiot~ Didn't you say to move house for me?"
  • "What? Want to demy? Wait..."
  • "Hum.. It is at that time... You took Jelly home... Hum..."
  • "Although you borrowed her from other people... But I've told you to keep the bottle..."
  • "Octopus likes bottle, a bottle is like a new house..."
  • "This is? Wow, this conch is so beautiful... At the suitable size too..."
  • "Hum... Don't think a conch can make me happy... So beautiful..."
  • Swimsuit? Take Off!

  • "Why you always praise me today..."
  • "Idiot, even if you praise me, I still want the lobster tonight..."
  • "Hm... Closer, Give me a surprise? ..."
  • "Ahhhhh!! What are you doing... Don't take off my clothes..."
  • "Ah? Little pink? You help this idiot either!!!!"
  • "What... Just change the wedding dress... You idiot..."
  • "Okay, do remember it, from now on, only I can bully you... Remember..."
  • Special Gift

  • "Idiot, send you! Don't let people other than me bully you~"



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