Intimacy-Heart  Rhea - Where is the news, where I shall be!


Middle agility battle girl with power to restrict enemy's damage.





Working Place
Mystic Chest
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Guild Exchange

Multiple Interviews

Creates a copy of herself, this copy has all the stats of Rhea and can use all skills except Multiple Interviews.

PASSIVE: Copy lasts [10.1 + 0.1 x LV] sec.



Rhea interrogates all enemies, dealing damage over time and lowering their skill levels.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE: Deal [14 x LV] per sec.
Lowers skill lv by [1.2 + 0.2 x LV].
Lasts [3.0 + 0.1 x LV] sec.

EFFECT: Curse / Damage Over Time.

Dark History

Rhea shows the dark history pics of enemies to her allies, increasing speed, spell resistance and dodge rate.

PASSIVE: Increases speed by [15.5 + 0.5 x LV]%.
Increases spell resistance by [10.5 + 0.5 x LV].
Increases dodge rate by [21+1 x LV].

EFFECT: Speed, Spell Resistance and Dodge Rate boost.

Imagined Servants

Rhea summons 2 creatures out of her imagination: "Ghost" and "Stingy Snail". Ghost can deal moderate damage to enemies around when it dies, Stingy Snail's attack can also reduce enemy's MP.

PASSIVE: Summons servants of level [42 + 1 x LV].
Ghost deals [4150 + 100 x LV] damage after death.
Snail's attack will cause [40.5 + 0.5 x LV] MP loss.

EFFECT: MP reduction.

AWAKENED: Infinite Interviews

Rhea has learned advanced interview skills so that the copied phantoms of Multiple Interviews won't disappear when Rhea casts ult and the phantom existing increases a lot.
Rhea can copy 5 phantoms at most and they can also cast Multiple Interviews to copy phantoms.
The skill level of Multipe Interviews cast by phantoms is the same as the skill level of Infinite Interviews.


EFFECT: Boosts the effects of her Multiple Interviews skill.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength X X 5 6.3 7.6
Intelligence X X 2.6 3.3 4
Agility X X 7.2 7.8 9.4

 Bunny Ears
 Knee Socks
 Knee Socks

 Vampiric Ring
 Leather Shoes
 Toy Hammer
 Cute Scarf
 Cute Scarf

 Bat Man's Helm
 Leather Shoes
 Colorfull Chalks
 First Aid Gauze
 Sexy Stocking

 Vergou Shoes
 Pleated Skirt
 Sniper Rifle
 Princess Crown
 Robotic Arm

 Vergou Shoes
 Lolita Collar
 Rock Guitar
 Bunny Doll

 Vergou Shoes
 Bat Man's Helm
 Cute Umbrella
 Flare Bomb

 Queen's Armor
 Sexy Stocking
 Sister's Boots

 Queen's Token
 Flare Bomb
 Robotic Arm
 Security's Rod
 Sister's Boots

 Voodoo Doll
 Bat Man's Helm
 Sister's Boots

 Rocket Booster
 Shield Maker
 Sexy Stocking
 Sister's Boots

 Desert Eagle
 Enuma Elish
 Vampire Cloak
 Shield Maker
 Old Watch
 Agility Shoes

Awakening Gear

 Fel Cannon
 Atomic Bomb
 Morphing Arm
 Agility Shoes

 Saiyan Suit
 Enuma Elish
 Gryphon's Ring
 Morphing Arm
 Agility Shoes

 Flaming Sword
 Thunder Gun
 Thor's Hammer
 Agility Shoes

 Allsee Eye
 Saiyan Suit
 Bamboo Copter

 Tennis Racket
 Poke Ball
 Mighty Fan
 Saint Gem
 Bamboo Copter

   Main Page Dialogue

  • "Can you accept my interview? What? You want it censored?" - After obtaining her.
  • "Do not touch my baby camera with your dirty hands!"
  • "I took a photo for you... Of course the ugly ones."
  • "Hmmm... Where is the news?"
  • "I have the pictures of your embarrassment, you have to listen to me if you want no one else to know!"
  • "Most news need some extra work to make it eye catching, do you understand?"

   Interaction Quotes

  • "Hmm? Is there anything on my head?" - Touch.
  • "Hey, aren't you afraid of being photoed?" - Kiss.
  • "Ah, I didn't know master likes this. I'll record it." - Massage.

   Intimacy Visit

  • "Huh? I didn't see you coming, are you here to finish the interview?"
  • Self-assertive Interview

  • "Okay, let's have a senpai insight this time."
  • "Lemme check... First, I need your name, age..."
  • "Hey, tell me your true age, you must be older than what you told me."
  • "And next, your hobby."
  • "You don't look like a sports fan. You are an otaku, right?"
  • "Then... tell me about your relationship."
  • "What? You have many girls waiting for you? No one's gonna believe that! News are needed to tell the truth!"
  • "An old single otaku", that'd be the title for this interview."
  • Draw the Material

  • "Here you are..."
  • "As we planned, let's go find you materials."
  • "I usually do this alone, but I find it pleasing when I have a companion.."
  • "What? You can always be my assistant if I want it?"
  • "C'mon, stop making fun of me."
  • "Then... tell me about your relationship."
  • "But if you really can write a good news, I'd keep you as my assistant."
  • "And there is no going back for you then, hehehe."
  • "Take my baby camera and notebook. Let's roll~"
  • "Ah, I am carried away...."
  • Trick Shooting

  • "What took you so long...You are late!"
  • "I have sensed big news! If I am dragged behind bu you this time, I'll fire you!"
  • "Nice, you'll get in charge of shooting."
  • "What? You can always be my assistant if I want it?"
  • "Just in case, enable this continuous shooting function."
  • "Good pictures are the souls of great news! Click the shutter once you see something funny."
  • "Stop! Do not shoot me!"
  • "Ahhhh! Stop it!"
  • ......
  • *Weeping*......
  • "Don't shoot me...I hate being photoed!"
  • "Hump......"
  • "Do that again, you won't have another chance to use this camera!"
  • Huge Success!

  • "Hahaha! Master, check this, we have sold so many copies."
  • "It was a big success! Student Union's news are no match of ours!"
  • "We News Department is No.1!"
  • "Half of the success should be attributed to you!"
  • "I will announce something important today!"
  • "From now on, master, you are promoted as vice leader in News Department."
  • "Though, there is only me in this department..."
  • "But now I have you."
  • "Let's try our best to make News Department the greatest forever"
  • Captured Love

  • "This is for me? Are you sure?"
  • "Does this mean master will always be my interviewee?"
  • "Then, dear master."
  • "I will announce something important today!"
  • "How do you feel at this moment? When you are giving the ring to me."
  • "I am too happy to think of anything!"
  • "Master, I have one final request..."
  • "Please take a photo with me."
  • "Even though I don't like being photoed."
  • "But this moment is so memorial that I know I cannot miss."
  • "Then, master, 3, 2, 1, Cheese"
  • Special Gift

  • "Don't be too touched, this is for you"


  • "Is there something wrong with your aesthetic?" - When disliking a gift.
  • "This is for me? Thanks." - When liking a gift.
  • "Eh? This is unexpectedly good, I'll recommend it in my magazine next time." - When loving a gift.
  • Obs. Loving, liking or disliking a gift will have no impact on the Intimacy gain.

SKIN SKILL: Custom Camerist

When Rhea uses Custom Camerist skin, she will have 600 MP at the beginning of battle. The copied phantom by Multiple Interview will also have 400 MP once summoned.


EFFECT: Starts battle with 600 MP. Phantoms have 400 MP when summoned.



Default Skin



Awakened Skin


Alternative Skin







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