Ricika -

Cute god of rice with power to boost allies' dodging rate




Sky Tower
Mystic Chest
Traveler Exchange
Heart Coins Exchange



Dodge & Heal

ACTIVE SKILL: Ricika helps to prevent front ally from being controlled, and every dodge will recover certain amount of HP. This effect will cost Ricikia's MP until reaches 0.

HEAL: Increase [?] HP recovery

EFFECT: Skill 1 Effect


Ricika will help boost all allies' dodge rate

PASSIVE: Increase [?] dodge rate

EFFECT: Skill 2 Effect

Rice Canon

Ricika attacks and blind 2 enemies randomly

PHYSICAL DAMAGE: Increase [LV x 100] damage Hit rate increase with lv, inevitably hit to enemies below [LV]

EFFECT: Skill 3 Effect


Once a battle girl dies, she will transfer her dodge rate to the closet ally (Phantom is excluded), this effect con only be triggered twice in battle.

PASSIVE: Increase [?] transferring rate

EFFECT: Skill 4 Effect

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Essence Required 10 20 50 100 150
Strength Growth ? 1.85 ? ? ?
Intelligence Growth ? 4.05 ? ? ?
Agility Growth ? 3.7 ? ? ?

Recommended Girls [[File:{{{BestGirl1}}}.png|100px|center]] [[File:{{{BestGirl2}}}.png|100px|center]] [[File:{{{BestGirl3}}}.png|100px|center]] [[File:{{{BestGirl4}}}.png|100px|center]] [[File:{{{BestGirl5}}}.png|100px|center]]
Best Against [[File:{{{WorstGirl1}}}.png|100px|center]] [[File:{{{WorstGirl2}}}.png|100px|center]] [[File:{{{WorstGirl3}}}.png|100px|center]] [[File:{{{WorstGirl4}}}.png|100px|center]] [[File:{{{WorstGirl5}}}.png|100px|center]]

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