Middle Caster, can cause high Area Damage, if she dies in

battle, she can cause high fullscreen Damage.

Stop trying this and that. Leave this to me!

Type AGI
Summon SEJ / MEJ
Max Level -
Stats Purple+1
Str Growth 6
Int Growth 5.7
Agi Growth 9
Str 592
Int 568
Agi 917
Max HP 12115
Physical Attack 1741
Spell Power 1502
Physical Defense 185
Spell Resistance 72
Physical Crit 624
Spell Crit -
HP Regeneration 15
MP Regeneration 77
Physical Dodge -
Spell Penetration -
Armor Ignored 12
Lifesteal Ration 50
Reduce MP Consume -

With self as the center to release infinit sword with magic damage in huge area. When Saint falls, release once more.

Increase [24xLV] damage.

Strike 3 times with blade, create small area of magic damage.

Increase [9xLV] damage.

When a Battle Girl die, Saint will drain her soul to increase physical attack pemanently; phantom and summons will increase temporarily.

Increase [280 + 14xLV] physical attack with every fallen Battle Girl. Increase [60 + 3xLV] physical attack with every fallen phantom or Summons.

Appearance of Saint will panic enemies to reduce their physical attack.

Aura: Reduce all enemies' [160 + 4xLV] attack.

Acquirement method
Top Floor Exchange  [ 5 x 500 PK ]

Main Page Dialog Edit

  • "Everything my sword points are my own lands!"
  • "If you are fighting for justice, it doesn't matter what methods you use!"
  • "Milord, I love war!"
  • "Insect... You don't deserve to live. DIEE!"
  • "I've never expected low creatures like humans to understand my great motivation!"
  • "Don't give me orders!" ("Meirei surun ja nai!") (selecting her for battle)
  • "Nuke yo... Asa no ken wo!" (ultimate)

Intimacy Visit Edit

"Do you really think owning me is the same as falling in love with me?"

Magic Sword Edit

"I got a magic sword here."

"It is said that the one who can pull out the sword is destined to be my lover."

"Want to have a try?"

"If you succeed, I'll come clean."

"So are you... my lover?"

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