Front tank, has fast HP regeneration skill. Ultimate deals great amount single target damage.

The ritual begins. A sacrifice? Of course it is...

Type INT
Summon MEJ
Max Level -
Stats White
Str Growth 4
Int Growth 5
Agi Growth 3.4
Str 18
Int 25
Agi 17
Max HP 490
Physical Attack 48
Spell Power 60
Physical Defense 3
Spell Resistance 2
Physical Crit 6
Spell Crit -
HP Regeneration -
MP Regeneration -
Physical Dodge -
Spell Penetration -
Armor Ignored -
Lifesteal Ration -
Reduce MP Consume -
Healing Effect Increase -

Concentrate energy on scythe to strike enemy with lowest HP. And based on enemy's lost HP to cause magic damage on enemy, small chance to stun target.

Damage equals to [40 + LV]% of losing HP. Cause [40xLV] damage minimum. Cause [300xLV] damage maximum. Inevitably hit to enemies below lv [LV].

Release to heal nearby allies and cause damage to close enemies.


Use spell to boost her HP.


Use spell to boost her resistance of magical damage.


Acquirement method

Main Page Dialog Edit

  • "They already stole 9999 scythes of mine!"
  • "No matter how hard you try, a loser will always be a loser."
  • "Do you want to float like me? Go on a diet, maybe one day you can float, too!"
  • "Skin color? This is racism! I want to report you!"
  • "Take care of your health. Or maybe we'll see each other some other time."
  • "I will not tolerate failures." ("Shinpai shiteru naran.") (selecting her for battle)
  • "Hai ni nare!" (ultimate)
  • "Ha Ha Ha! I'm Scythe, and your soul is mine." (after obtaining her)

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