Front mighty tank, has high survival and damage. Can suppress the enemies formation.

Sonya is Here!

Type STR
Summon SX
Max Level -
Stats ★★★★★
Str Growth 9.9
Int Growth 3
Agi Growth 8.4
Str 1260
Int 494
Agi 944
Max HP 25347
Physical Attack


Spell Power 1257
Physical Defense 289
Spell Resistance 113
Physical Crit 684
Spell Crit 10
HP Regeneration 2050
MP Regeneration 265
Physical Dodge 25
Armor Ignored 35
Lifesteal Ration 15
Reduce MP Consume -

Sprint and attack enemies with multiple physical damage.

Increase [6xLV] damage per hit.

Attack target, also create phantoms to blind and attack enemies, blinded enemies will sharply reduce accuracy and dodge rate.

Increase [9xLV] damage. Stun rate increase with lv.

Use spear to hit ground,cause physical damage and stun enemies.

Increase [14xLV] damage. Stun rate increase with lv.

Increase stats to boost Strength.


Acquirement method

Main Page Dialog Edit

  • "I will become the King of the Fighters!"
  • "If you can fight, why talk? Fight first, ask later!"
  • "Die! Die! (Die!) I will destroy all my enemies!"
  • "I hate arguing. No matter how hard you try, nobody will change their opinions anyway."
  • "How come nobody likes me... my sisters are so popular!"

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