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Screenshot 2016-05-24-12-36-03

Limited Time Sell with Smartie.

Top Sale (or Limited Time Sell) is a store that randomly shows up and is only available for an hour. It is run by either a differently-voiced Smartie or a little girl dressed up like a bear.

12 items are sold here, most of them are BG scrolls and rare blue/purple items. BG scrolls sold in 2s cost 80 diamonds. BG scrolls sold in 3s cost 120 diamonds. A refresh costs 100 diamonds.

Smartie's Dialog Edit

Seen in here.

Screenshot 2016-05-25-09-50-00

Limited Time Sell with a little girl.

Little Girl's Dialog Edit

  • "Sir! My clothes are not for sale!"
  • "You are today's lucky customer, we have all the goodies here."
  • "You have great taste like mine~" (after buying)
  • "This is on hot sales~" (after buying)
  • "Sir, this is not for hot sales anymore..." (after tapping a sold out item)
  • "You can only purchase each hot sales item once." (after tapping a sold out item)

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