Toys Girl

Middle caster, has lots of controlling skills, also has decent damage output herself.

Come and become my puppets!

Type INT
Summon SEJ / MEJ
Max Level -
Str Growth 2.75
Int Growth 4.7
Agi Growth 2.25
Str 297
Int 473
Agi 241
Max HP 5794
Physical Attack 698
Spell Power 1476
Physical Defense 59
Spell Resistance 59
Physical Crit 113
Spell Crit 35
HP Regeneration 580
MP Regeneration 320
Physical Dodge 5
Spell Penetration 5
Armor Ignored -
Lifesteal Ration -
Reduce MP Consume -

Absorb all magic nearby and release it to an enemy, cause huge magic damage.

Increase [39.6xLV] damage.

Summon Toy Spring from earth, attack target with additional magic damage.

Increase [8.8xLV] damage. Knock rate increase with lv, inevitably hit to enemies below lv [LV].

Turn target into a toy.

Hitting rate of spell increases with lv, inevitably hit to enemies below lv [20 + LV].

Receive evil's blessing to increase magic CRIT chance.

Passive: increase [120 + 3xLV] Spell Crit.

Acquirement method

Main Page DialogEdit

  • "Hey, are you my new puppet? You look like fun!" (after obtaining her)
  • "Sad thing is... even if you are a puppet, you still can't accept being a puppet..."
  • "Be careful. I'll throw you in the basement someday. Try your best to make me happy!"
  • "Don't move. Just be quiet like a good puppet, okay?!"
  • "Puppets! I want more puppets!"
  • "Do you think you're controlling me?! It's me actually controlling you to control me!"
  • "Disappear!" ("Kiero!") (ultimate)

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