He didn't expect the flying umbrella.

Earlier today, Maverick Meister only wanted to join the Otaku Festival in peace. A safe, sound one. Minus the total nincompoops his school knows as 'bullies' and his parents ranting on and on about this degree and that.

But that was until a man passed him by and dropped the weird card. 

For one, it was weird: who in the obvious heck would make a card game with a dainty looking girl in front? Like she's some sort of weapon of mass destruction? 

The man shoved it in his hands. Told him to "keep her safe." And left. Poof! He was gone.


Sounds like plain obsession, making a card something profound.

That was where he really messed up.

Because that night....  a war for supremacy had just begun.

Yeah. Right with the flying umbrella thing.

(Coming soon..... GIRLS x Battle FANFIC!!)

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