Getting Battle Girl Scrolls, consumable or gears by using coins or diamonds.

Small Exp JuiceEdit

Getting Battle Girl Scrolls (maximum 2 Stars), consumable or gears (maximum Blue) by using 10000 coins or 90000 coins x 10 Juices (Blue Item Guaranteed).

Medium Exp JuiceEdit

Getting Battle Girl Scrolls (maximum 3 Stars), consumable or gears (maximum Purple) by using 288 diamonds or 2590 diamonds x 10 Juices (Battle Girl Guaranteed).

SX Exp JuiceEdit

UNLOCK IT BY REACHING VIP 9 [Cumulative Recharge 20000 diamonds - $199.98]

Getting Battle Girl Scrolls (maximum SX GIRLS) , consumable or gears (maximum Purple) by using 388 diamonds x 6 Juices.

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