Getting Battle Girl Scrolls, consumables or gears by using coins or diamonds.

Small Exp Juice

Offers Battle Girl Scrolls (maximum 2 Stars), consumable or gears (maximum Purple).
Each draw costs 10000 coins, but once a day, you are given five free draws with a ten minutes cooldown between each of them.
This machine also allows a 10x and a 100x draw, at the cost of 90000 and 900000 coins respectively.
In both cases, you are guaranteed to draw a Blue Item.

Medium Exp Juice

Offers Battle Girl Scrolls (maximum 3 Stars), consumable or gears (maximum Purple) by using 288 diamonds or 2590 diamonds for the x10 draw. In this case, you are guaranteed to draw a Battle Girl.
You'll get a free draw every 48 hours.

SX Exp Juice

SX Machine runs on random daily rotation. Every day there is a single featured SX Battle Girl and three featured non-SX BG's. Each pull is 388 diamonds, and in every 1x pull you receive 6 drops- 1 will be either the featured SX Girl, or 3/5 scrolls of the featured non-SX BG's, and 5 random drops that can be enchantment books, EXP juice, or coin-exchangeable items (PSP's, manga, etc.)
Current Possible SX Girls Include: Fencer, Guan Yin, Psychic, Revolver, Werewolf, Phoenix, Amelia, Wu Kong, Alice, Elisa, Sonya, Javelin, and Sapphire.
Unlocked by reaching VIP level 9. Appears under Vending at VIP level 8.

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