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"It's an era of summoners, everyone is working to be the ultimate summoner. However, people can't live without servants. Hence, Battle Girls become the best servants. With the shortage of places that provide service, greed inside summoners have been awakened. Raiding becomes a part of a summoner's routine." — — «Code of Conduct»


  1. In workplace, you can choose variable places, also search and rob other players' outcome.
  2. 3 workplaces for you to choose, and 4 teams maximum can send to a place. Each team consists 5 members.
  3. You need to select Battle Girls to chosen places, the higher the Battle Girls' attack power, the faster to dig resources.
  4. You can change Battle Girls at any places at any time.
  5. You can collect resources anytime unless when you are robbed.
  6. 10 hours of working time for every place. If you exceed 10 hours, then no further resource. You can work next 10 hours after collecting reward.
  7. Some diamonds will be added as tips to your resources at all workplaces.
  8. After defeating all working Battle Girls in a certain time frame, you will be rewarded a part of your opponent's resources.
  9. Battle Girls in defense process a certain amount of SP in beginning of battle.
  10. You will lose part of resource if you fail to defend. However, you still can work.
  11. 3 times maximum for every work group to be robbed. After that, other players cannot find this group.
  12. You can also go and rob other player's workplaces. HP and SP of Battle Girls from both sides will not be reset before battle end.
  13. Each battle costs you 2 cream energy, which will regenerate in time.
  14. You can unlock the 2nd team in Lv44; 3rd in VIP4; 4th in VIP7

Buildings Edit

  • Mall - a large amount of Coins is available
  • Store - a large amount of EXP Juice is available
  • Market - a large amount of BG scrolls are available
  • Gift Shop - Large amount of Magic Powder are available
  • R & D - Large amount of Magic Liquid are available

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