Unlocked at level 85, the Workshop offers six features, ranging from improving your Battle Girls to forging pets' gears.

This mode will take Workplace's location at the main menu, relocating it to the Training section.


The main screen.

Operations here revolve mainly around these three materials:

Magic Powder
Magic Liquid
Magic Crystal


The Cabinet allows you to improve various aspects of the Battle Girls through Skill Books, which you can obtain dots of by clearing the Elite Campaign from chapter 13 and beyond.


Each Skill Book will address a different set of girls, offering diverse buffs, such as increased HP, spell power, defense, etc.

The star ranking of each Skill Book is equal to the minimum Cabinet Level required to research it.

Each skill in the books requires a certain amount of Magic Liquid, Powder and Crystals. The process can be quickened with diamonds.

After every completed research, the buff will be applied to the Battle Girl, and you will receive Magic Experience, which is needed for the Bookshelf upgrade.

Many skills have multiple stages, so it will take more than one research to complete it.

Book stat buffs are listed at the bottom of the Battle Girl's stats details.


The Bookshelf is very simple, your only action here will be upgrades.


To upgrade, apart from the Magic Powder, Liquid and Crystals, you will need the Magic Experience gained from the Cabinet's Skill Books.


Each level of the Bookshelf will increase the bonus stats growth given to the Battle Girls.

Battle Girls' skill levels will increase by one for every ten levels of Bookshelf, starting at +1 at Level One.


At the Workbench, you can forge Purple and Orange gears. For a price, of course.


Each gear has its own cost of Magic Powder, Liquid and Crystals. In addition, the forging process is quite long, ranging from one to three days, depending on the gear.

You can also upgrade the Workbench, each level decreasing the forging time and unlocking new gears for fabrication as well.

The forging time can also be reduced by the usage of Binders, obtained from the Workplace's High Tech Factory.


The Cabin works much like the Workbench; with the difference that the gears forged here are for pets, and the materials needed are lollipops and candy.


Each pet can forge different kinds of gears, and with each level of the cabin, the forging time will be reduced, and new gears will be available as well.

Binders can also be used at the Cabin to accelerate gear forging.

The lollipops and candy required for the process can be obtained by clearing Skytower levels.


Here you can acquire those three fundamental resources: Magic Liquid, Magic Powder and Magic Crystals.


Each level of Admin will allow you to purchase these resources with a new material:

At level 1, you can buy only with Diamonds;
At level 2, you can buy with Magic Crystals;
At level 3, you can buy with Magic Liquid;
At level 4, you can buy with Magic Powder;
And at level 5, you can finally buy with Gold Coins.

It is advisable to upgrade this feature to level 5 as soon as you can.

Recycle Bin

With the Recycle Bin, you can use spare gear to obtain more resources.


To dissolve the gears, you will consume Plastic Bags, of which you'll have a limited number.
They will automatically replenish with time.

By upgrading Recycle Bin, you can unlock new gears to dissolve, decrease the cost of recycling, increase the Plastic Bag limit, and increase the critical rate.

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