Wu Kong

Middle Physical damager, can use clones to distract enemies.

Watch my 72 Transformations.

Type AGI
Summon SX
Max Level -
Stats ★★★★★ Blue+1
Str Growth 8.2
Int Growth 3.8
Agi Growth 9
Str 447
Int 249
Agi 535
Max HP 9403
Physical Attack 934
Spell Power 629
Physical Defense 126
Spell Resistance 26
Physical Crit 246
HP Regeneration 120
MP Regeneration 110
Armor Ignored 6
Lifesteal Ration 30
Reduce MP Consume

Summon a clone to confuse enemies, then strike multiple times to front enemies.

Increase [920] damage - Level 46

Create 2 clones to fight, which can dodge additionally.

Phantom dodge rate increase [66] - Level 46

Use Hellfire to attack target, and summon a clone near target, which will slow the target down.

Increase [460] damage - Level 46

Wu Kong and clones have chances to summon others, each clone will add Wu Kong's attack and speed, 8 clones maximum.


Acquirement method
SX Vending

Main Page Dialog Edit

  • "Kameha-- (Oh?) Wait... why am I saying that?"
  • "The King of the Heavens is here for a walk!"
  • "This is not just a simple staff, it's the mighty Monkey King Bar!"
  • "Once, my true love was in front of me. But, I didn't treasure that person enough."
  • "Even without my magic, I still have this Monkey King Bar!"

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