Zhi Yao
Front tank, use magic blessing to add skills with multiple set effects.

I am invincible!

Type STR
Summon -
Max Level -
Stats ★★★★★ Blue+1
Str Growth 8
Int Growth 4
Agi Growth 6.2
Str 468
Int 247
Agi 347
Max HP 9234
Physical Attack 763
Spell Power 636
Physical Defense 122
Spell Resistance 36
Physical Crit 179
HP Regeneration 225
MP Regeneration -
Armor Ignored -
Lifesteal Ration -
Reduce MP Consume -

Use spear and smash ground, repel and stun enemies.

Increase [?xLV] Damage

Use spear to attack and slow down enemy down.

Increase damage [?xLV], Rate of slowing down increases with level.

Attack and stun the closest enemy.

Increase damage [?xLV], Stun rate increases with level.

After certain time, Zhi Yao will attach a magic blessing to her spear, add all her skills with set effects.

Red - Drain HP from enemies, Green - Increase damage, Yellow - reduce enemies' MP.

Acquirement method
Pay Event

 Main Page Dialog Edit

  • "I'm not a child. I'm stronger than you think!"
  • "Careful! I may tell my sister if you bad guys dare to bully me!"
  • "I am famous Javelin...'s sister."
  • "Stop staring like that, or you're looking for trouble?~"
  • "If enemies are too strong, I... can do nothing but withdraw as a strategy. Master, don't blame me for that~"

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